Your mental health

Even though a lot has been said
about maintaining a good mental health, I don’t think it will be too much to
add to that conversation. It is paramount to always have this conversation
because sometimes other social problems often start with inability to maintain
a good mental health.

There are lots of stressors in
the world, both the important ones and the un-important ones, no matter where
such stressor is classified, they have the ability to make someone perform minimally.
Being physically healthy alone cannot give you the type of life you want, you
also need your peace to compliment such good health. As we strive towards our
goals every day of our lives, there is sometimes an unwarranted unconscious
feeling to do more which is good if you haven’t reached your limits, but this
becomes a problem when you have reached your limits. Learn how to stop, breath
in and out before continuing a task. Not knowing when to draw the line between
stopping permanently and stopping to reboot could be a problem, because in
trying not to do the former you end up with a bigger issue.

Prioritize taking care of your
mental health, this includes stopping draining relationships, constant worrying,
caring a lot about other people’s opinion of you etc. Until you own your life and
decide how you wish to live it, you may never live your best life. Some
everyday problem may appear huge to you, but once you go back to that “problem”
few months or even few days down the line, you will realize they were not even
worth a headache.

Lastly, learn a coping mechanism,
a relaxation technique or another activity that will help you to be in the best
state of mind. Don’t forget to also preach this, if need be.

Have a good week! 

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