Do unto others…

Treat people the same way you
would want others to treat you. If you want people to be kind to you, be kind to others. If you want people to be interested in your progress, do
same for others. The universe has a way of returning to us any type of seed we
have sown. Therefore, mind the type of energy you give out.

It is not the same help you offer
A that you should do for B. This is because people are different, in the same
manner they may have different needs. Therefore, when offering help to people,
offer an assistance that truly helps them out of their problems if you have the
means to do so.  This “means“ can be
offering a small advice, giving out vital information, being a listening ear
etc. Everyone has something they can give out to help another person, just learn
to be present minded when people are discussing matters they consider important
to them, it is only then that you can offer the right type of help.

We live in a fast paced world
where everything seems to be happening at the same time making it almost
difficult to keep up with all the information available. Be that as it may when
you are deliberate about taking a break from all that, you can and should do
it. Sometimes, it is when we stop focusing on these that we can really see the
humans around us. Some of us have little or less interactions with people which
may be due to our type of life, work etc. Even though this may not be
deliberate, try to give yourself a break which allows you to interact with
other people. This human interaction may not be ‘’important’ to you, but it may
do a whole lot for others.

Finally, note that this is still a
good time of the year to re-evaluate your lifestyle and make changes where

Have a good week!

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