Stopping Addictions

“This time around I’m going to
make something different out of my life”. Does this sound familiar? A lot of
people have made this statement and still reneged on their commitment to make
something out of their lives. Some truly try to get out of whatever they are
going through at that stage of their life but for some, that effort may not have
been enough. What they need is help; either checking into a rehab home or
leaving the environment that makes it difficult for them to stop their old

It takes a strong resolve to drop
a bad habit, more so if it is already an addiction. If you want to stop an old habit,
don’t just stop with resolving to drop that habit. Take an extra step to get
outside help if necessary, involve professionals or your loved ones, someone
that will always remind you of what you have committed to do. It may be
difficult when starting, but when you keep at it, you will eventually conquer that

Before you start living a
particular lifestyle, especially if it is not a beneficial one, ask yourself whether
that habit or lifestyle you have chosen to live is worth it. Is it one that you
can easily stop anytime you want to? If you consider that act something you want
to do for a short period of time, ask yourself to define the “shot period of
time”. The problem with people is that they don’t ask themselves questions
before engaging in any conduct. If deep questions are asked, we would have less
drug/alcohol addiction issues. Though some addictions are grief induced, if one
asks the right questions the devastating effects of all addictions can be reduced.

I do not know what behaviour you
are battling with, it could be something as “innocent” as social media
addiction, whatever it is, you know how it has reduced the quality of your
life/your output. If you truly want to conquer that habit you know what to do. Start with
joining a support group for people that are in the same shoes with you. Trust
me, you will achieve your heart desire faster this way!

Have a fine week! 

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