A large Heart

 Selfless service to humanity is often underrated.
When you see people that genuinely leave their comfort zone just to make the
life of other people better, respect them. Respect them because they are few.
Human beings are naturally selfish in nature, may be not in a bad way. Rather
in that way that requires them to think about their survival, protection,
comfort etc before they think about that of another person.

It is natural to see people joining one social group
or interest group because these groups cater to their need. Whilst this
gatherings are essential if the groups are made up of people with similar goals
and objectives, it is still good to be part of groups that are altruistic in
nature. You may not necessarily give material gifts, giving your time, your wealth
of knowledge or other intangible things are also very important and may
actually do more than you can ever imagine. Selfless service can be in sensitizing
people about dangers of any particular ill you choose to speak about. No matter
how small you think you are in the general scheme of things, just know that
your contribution to any worthy purpose is well appreciated. Imagine if everyone
around us contributed just a token of their time, skill, money, etc to worthy
causes, our world will be a better place.

The popular saying To err is human, to forgive is divine may sound like another anecdote to some people, but
living out this saying will leave you in a better mental health than holding
grudges. Imagine being an advocate of
“letting go”, it may look
like one of those irrelevant topics, but if someone as much as believes in it
and gets other people to do so, this one person has contributed a lot to make
our society better. Some people are depressed because of one life disappointment
or another, giving them reasons to let go and focus on a better future will go
a long way to help some.

In summary, look for an avenue to make the world better, it doesn’t
have to cost you much.

Have a fulfilling week!

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