It’s time

 What skills will you like to have? What are the
factors stopping you from acquiring those skills? Are these factors truly real
or are they in your imagination? Sometimes it is important to ask these
questions so that you can decipher when you are postponing a duty, being
lazy or genuinely unable to pursue your interests due to real constraint.

Self-examination is the process of searching
yourself to find answers. It is important to do this always. It helps you to put
your facts out and be true to yourself. Answering the questions you ask
yourself in your private moments could just be what you need to come out of some
of the confusions you are facing. Infact some of the so-called confusions are
just your inability to organize your thoughts. If you consider any subject important,
then you have to take out time to truly think about what you intend to do. Do
this in your most relaxed moments. Remember the watch word here is to think and
then plan, not to worry. Worrying gives zero solutions to problems, instead it magnifies
issues and leaves you more lethargic about doing what you ought to do.

Consider your options, weigh the pros and cons,
if every factor you need to know are not within your knowledge, get information
and do what you should do. Avoid procrastination! Just do what you should do at
any given time especially if there is no emergency or any other factor preventing
you from doing it at that moment. It is when you postpone it to tomorrow, then
another day that you may start finding it difficult to do that task.  I don’t know what skills, tasks or activity
you’ve been meaning to work on, don’t you think it’s time to go back to them? I
think its time!

Do have a great week.

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