Let go

Letting go of anything you hold dearly is very
difficult. It is difficult because of your attachment to it. You become
attached to something when you have consistently devoted your time, substance,
etc to that particular object/person of your interest. So it is very understandable
to see people hold on to what they love.

As unbelievable as this may sound, some hold on
to objects, memories, or people that have hurt them. They do this not because
they are not pained by what they have passed through or are currently going
through, they hold on to such bad stimulants because they are used to them.
People are naturally drawn to what they are familiar with. It doesn’t matter whether
that object, person, or situation is detrimental to their well-being. The best
way to let go of repeat hurtful situations, habits, etc is to acknowledge that
you are used to those factors and that being used to them makes managing those
situations easier than actually working to change them. When you have
acknowledged this, give yourself a timeline to get yourself out of that
situation. It takes a really bold step to stop what you are drawn to so make a
deliberate effort to refocus your time and attention to what is beneficial to
you. Something beneficial to you will not hurt you now or in the future. Do
everything possible to rid your mind of ideas or thoughts sympathetic to what hurts

Living a fulfilling life starts with taking care
of yourself by expunging factors that cause you pain. Such factors can be bad
habits, wrong associations or anything at all that makes you lose your peace.
This is not to be confused with the ‘pain’ associated with hard work or
fighting for a right cause. The watchword is to differentiate between pain
associated with a good purpose and that associated with a bad one.

In summary, just expunge the bad vibes around you
and welcome the good ones.

Have a good week!  

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