Speak to people

Speak to people. It is becoming a
custom for people to relate more with their phones than the everyday people in
their lives. While this may look normal or what people may term a necessary
evil or one of the fall backs of information technology revolution, we can
deliberately choose to take a different approach. The approach is to make it a
duty to be less on the phone when surrounded by people. This doesn’t have to be
applied only when we are with our loved ones, it can be applied even with strangers.
Make it your norm to relate well with others, engage them not in a nosey way,
but with all curtsy and respect.

Try and be modest in your
conversations especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. It is
not a time to list your achievements, do small talks which should be around
comfortable topics. Meeting someone for the first time does not preclude you
from meeting that person again or eventually building a relationship with that
person, the significant thing is to know the limits of your conversation at
that point in time. Very few people would be hostile to you if you try to be courteous,
so be deliberate about your resolve to relate well with others.

We are almost at the very end of
the month of February 2023, many of us have abandoned some of our new year
goals. Go back to them and ask yourself why they were abandoned, you may get an
immediate solution to that problem just by talking to the right person. Be
resolute about finding a solution to your challenges, do not run away from

It is a new week, make necessary
amends to your social life if need be, this may go a long way to improve your
quality of life.

Do have a good week!

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