Your legacy

“Don’t speak ill of
the dead”! Many people are familiar with this statement, for some it’s a cultural
taboo to speak ill of the dead, for some others choosing to stay mute on the
weaknesses of a deceased person is a way to show support/respect to the
grieving family left behind. No matter the view you hold on the above, one
thing is clear, one day everyone will be a subject of such discussion or

Welcome to a new week!
You can use some hours of today or anytime this week to do some sober
reflection. Whatever legacy you wish to leave behind is only possible when
you work towards that goal. You want to be remembered for philanthropy, your
contributions to humanity, your inventions, anything at all, the time to start
working for that legacy is now. People may not remember what you said, but they
will certainly not forget what you did. Invest in yourself, invest in people,
be happy with the successes of your friends and stay committed to meeting your

Another aspect of human
relationships is connection. If you connect well with people, there are chances
they will remember you and recommend you for opportunities when they can. That
is why it is good to connect well with the people you meet, leave a good
impression and genuinely show interest in matters that are of concern to them.
When we attend the parties of our friends, we don’t do so because we do not
have other places to go, we do so to strengthen our ties with them and be
genuinely happy for them. Life may not always work out the way we plan, ours is
to do our bit and hope everything turn out well. Despite our lack of control
over what happens in life, we can control certain things- our character, our
attitude and the way we treat people.

Let’s make the most out
of this life and leave a worthy legacy at our demise!

Have a good

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