requires a dedicated effort to do what one has proposed to do even
when it is not convenient to do so. It also means being resolute in your
decisions about what you want and sticking to it irrespective of daunting or
discouraging circumstances. Many people claim to be disciplined but often do
not know the full meaning of that word. 

people have been told several times that they are not good enough for certain
opportunities which they often interpret to mean that they are not good enough
in life. Some mistakenly take this mindset of not being good enough to other
areas of their life and end up doing poorly simply because they truly that they
are not good enough. Don’t allow a singular negative occurrence define your
entire life. Even if you failed twice or uncountable times, that does not
reduce your value, it shows you to be a person disciplined enough to try again.
It may also mean that you should be more circumspect in your decision making
and actions. It certainly does not mean you should give up on yourself. Stay
focused and committed to your dreams, apply your skills, improve yourself
whenever opportunity to do so comes up. Do not ride on the wave of “I am a
Pro”, learn from other people too.

disciplined, everything you want to achieve in life cannot be possible without
this, so no matter what you do learn discipline. There is no hack on 
“how to be disciplined”, simply decide today that you want to achieve
your dreams and then be willing to take all the necessary steps required to do so.
This means not giving yourself excuses on why you did not do what you are
supposed to do, this also means being mentally ready to exert yourself if need
be to realize the result you want.

Today is still a good day to
start, so start now!

Have a good week!

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