Keep improving

taste so sweet. It’s even sweeter when you remember what you went through in
order to produce that reality. What I do not understand is why people fail to
do what they need to do order to produce the reality they desire. Of course, it
may not be easy, but should we fold our arms and live below our capacity because
we are too scared to do what we should do

Any result ever achieved by
anyone in life always required one form of sacrifice or another. If you are
willing to put in the time and do the required work, then it will not be a
surprise if you eventually get the result you desire. It is possible for you
not to get to the height you worked for, but you may get close to it. Sow your
seeds now, so you will have a harvest to look forward to. Sowing your seeds
starts by doing what you are supposed to do every time and jettisoning
postponement. Why do you want to shift that activity till tomorrow when you can
do it now- Why do an activity that is not urgent now when there are ones that
requires your attention now. Learn how to prioritize tasks. Learn how to say no
to, do not chew more than you can swallow. There is no award given to the
busiest person of the year, awards would rather go to the most resourceful
person and the person with most results. You could be lagging behind in your
task because you want to do more than you current capacity. If you what to do
more, acquire the capacity to do more. Do not accept roles, flop it and then go
back to learning what you should have learnt or known before accepting that
role. Do your checks, know your capacity and genuinely know what you can or
cannot do.

Take your time and do the necessary
investment for your future, build yourself, make it a habit to learn something
new every day. There is no award for ignorance, remain teachable and gradually
work your way to the top!

Have a most fulfilling week!

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