Many people are too busy with
their lives, their dreams and aspirations, and meeting the next deadline.
Sometimes we tend to get carried away by “living” that we forget to rest when we
should. In as much as we have to live our lives and pursue our visions, we should
not forget to rest as much as our body requires. This is important for
everyone, once this area of your life is neglected, it is only a matter of time
before it tells on your health and your productivity.

Rest! Find time to take short naps
during the day, the heaven won’t fall. Re-energize yourself by doing this at
regular intervals. Rest has a way of making people happy, positive, and
galvanized to take better actions. It is not enough to dedicate a particular time
of the year as your rest season. Whilst this is good, it is equally important to
make it a regular habit to cater to our mental and physical health. A short nap
in the course of a hectic day may yield more results than a two-week vacation
filled with endless activities. Encourage your close circle to do the same,
form groups, or join communities that recognize this important aspect of life and
make it a habit to practice healthy living.

One important life hack we do not
lay much emphasis on is knowing when to stop. Stopping does not mean you cannot
return to whatever you were doing before you “stopped”. It simply means leaving
that particular activity you were working on to attend to more important matters.
Stop when you are not feeling well, stop when you need to take a
short rest, stop when you need more important information and stop when it is
simply right to do so.

It is a new week, whilst making
plans for the week, please do not forget to slow down sometimes and take life

Have a good week!


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