Today offers us another opportunity
to take a step toward achieving our dreams and aspirations. Without our dreams,
there is really nothing to wake up to. Imagine just existing, you sleep, wake
up, eat, and then repeat the cycle. We have to constantly work on something,
live for something and keep our minds engaged.

Keeping your mind engaged might
be the difference between you and the other person that has fallen into depression.
When you have something worthwhile you wake up to, something that lights up
your mind, that challenges you, it is hard for you not to look forward to the
next day and that future you are working so hard for. What keeps you awake when
others are sleeping? Can you point out that activity you can do even when it is
not convenient for you to do it? It is this activity that you have a great
passion for that will likely determine the course of your future. This activity
could go either way, negative or positive. So note that that work or dream you
spend so much time on is an indication of what your future will likely be.
Therefore, resist bad habits.

You may be able to predict the
type of future someone is building by studying the person’s life pattern. There
is a high likelihood that you will be healthy and maintain a decent weight if
you eat well and take your exercises seriously. If you do neither, the reasonable expectation is that you will add some
weight. This simple example applies to every area of life, of course, life can
always throw up some surprises along the way. We have a duty to ourselves and
our community, we cannot continue doing the opposite of the results we want to
get. If you want any type of result, roll your sleeves and work for it. Nobody
will do the work that is expected of you, life does not work that way.

I will like you to self-analyze
yourself and see whether you are on track, if you are not, you know what to do.

Have a good week!

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