Dealing with disappointments

How do you deal with disappointment?
Do you have any particular approach to it or do you deal with it as your mood
decides? Many have the latter approach, which is still okay provided we don’t
allow our reactions to disappointments to disturb our mental health.

In life, there are bound to be
disappointments, unmet expectations, broken trust, unexpected results, etc., so
the best approach to dealing with disappointments is to expect them. When you understand
that something can happen, it prepares you better to deal with it if it happens.
Some life disappointments may not mean that you didn’t put in your best or that
you did something wrong, some things just happen because some factors of life
are not within your control. When you experience a broken trust or other
heartbreaking conduct from people you least expect them from, learn to take it
as one of those happenings that can occur because humans are imperfect.
Sometimes you may hurt someone without intending to, so learn to also give
people the benefit of the doubt if you happen to be the offended person.

As much as we would like to portray
ourselves as perfect beings, we are all far from being that. It is our imperfections
that make us prone to offending people without intending to. Lower your
expectations, in that way, if things do not go as planned, you can deal better
with the outcome. This does not mean you should be pessimistic, it simply
means you should be realistic enough to expect that life does not always come
out the way we planned and that humans by their very nature are fallible.

Today is a new day, let go of any
past hurt you are dealing with, and get a strategy for dealing with disappointments, so you can bounce back better anytime unplanned results show up in
the course of your life’s journey.

Have a fruitful week! 

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