Try another approach

Most tasks are usually given with
expected milestones, due dates etc. It is very possible that if some tasks are
given without ascertained deadlines, such tasks will never be completed, as
people tend towards postponing perceived difficult task to a more convenient
time which may never come.

In the same vein, people tend to
postpone personal goals when there is no one to hold them to the responsibility
of fulfilling them. We are all different, while some people are “doers” others
are “talkers”. While the latter category of people discuss at length about what
they want to do, sometimes they fail to do these responsibilities at the end of
the day. The former category of people usually talk less but do more. These are
all different character traits. If you know you have an “action” problem, get
help! This may include having in your network of friends an action oriented
person who can always call you to remind you of the goals you have set for yourself.
Are you tired of trying to do so many things without really getting started or
getting started without finishing up? If you are, then make it a point of duty
today to do better.

Performing our daily obligations
(which includes taking small steps towards achieving our life goals) should
come very natural to everyone, unfortunately this is not so. The problem with
this is that most organization are laden with a lot of hands performing minimally.
If you run an organization, categorize your staff, identify everyone’s weakness
and group people in a way that they complement each other. Formulate a more excellent
people friendly policy to getting the best of out of your workers. On a
personal level, be an example, be action oriented, let your character set the
tone for your team.

Have a productive week!

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