Self Improvement

Are you in the habit of
going the familiar route? Would you rather stick to the known than going all
the way to seek the uncertainties in the unknown? There is nothing wrong with
taking the more travelled road, the only snag is that you may never find out what
lays on the other side had you taken the risk to try the unfamiliar.

 A lot of people are
wired to take lesser risks than others, by their very nature they tend to be in
a more certain job than risk starting up businesses with its attendant
uncertainties. Knowing your personality trait helps you make decisions on the
type of friends, spouse and relationships you should have. Go for what you
don’t have, strike conversations with strangers, people from backgrounds different from yours. There are many things you can gain from such contact.
You may desire a very certain lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you should limit
yourself by avoiding opportunities to increase your knowledge on a wide range of topics. You can have an idea about something, but choose not to take a step
towards that direction, the important thing is to know it. Broadening your
knowledge or making it a habit to learn something new everyday is not rocket
science, have that desire, then make it happen.

Write your plans, I
believe writing is one of the easiest things to do, include “learn a
new…” as part of your plans. You can also put it in your everyday to-do-list
if possible. You will look back in years to come and be glad you made this
decision. Self improvement only happens when you learn everyday, what you learn
is what you may choose to apply to your life and this invariably leads to an
improved you if you take in the right resources.

It’s another new week, definitely
a good time to make serious decisions about your life. Are you ready to take this road?

Have a good week!

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