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Have you ever started a project and suddenly found out that you are no longer sure of what you are doing or intend to do? I mean, you prepared adequately for this work, you were super-sure of your next step, then you realize along the way that the confidence you had at the get-go is no longer there, you just became a bit unsure of what you were doing.

Being a bit unsure of oneself is not new, people have these feelings all the time. The most successful people in the world sometimes have these moments that can neither be classified as being good nor bad. When you find yourself feeling a bit unsure of what you are doing despite your preparations, take it as a cue to recheck your steps. Be thorough and ensure that you have not made a costly mistake.

We make costly mistakes when we think too highly of our abilities or capacities in certain works, so simply take that feeling as a reminder to check your work again. Where these are mere jittery feelings that usually crop up to lower your output, do what you think is best to get you back into your delivery mood.

Be confident in your abilities and deliver your work within agreed timelines. Peradventure you encounter difficulties along the way, don’t hesitate to contact the necessary parties and negotiate for another delivery time. In essence, remember you are human and so can make errors and bad judgments, just be open to criticisms and do not allow feelings of inadequacy to distract you from reaching your goals.

Have a good week!

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