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Whatever your hands find to do, do it well! Do it so well that you become a reference point in that field. What’s the use of agreeing to perform a task if you end up performing poorly at it? It is much better to steer clear of that work so that people who are truly committed would use that opportunity to work on that project.

People tend to put in less than their best if they are not motivated to do a particular job. While this is not fair on the part of the person who commissioned the job, the organization or person who commissioned the job should find out why that individual is not motivated to work (hard). This could help nip the problem in the bud before it affects the other members of the team. Peradventure, you find yourself at the receiving end of an organization or boss that does not appreciate the efforts of his employees, don’t fall into the trap of behaving like others. Instead of working begrudgingly, leave that organization with your shoulders held high and your standard uncompromised. Trust me, a better opportunity will come your way if you persist in giving out excellent works.

There is no justification for bad work. If for one reason or another, you realize that a project you are carrying out is about to suffer delays or problems, inform the right people and look for ways to contain the problems. Nobody should take pride in giving excuses! Solve the problem first and you can tell the story of how you surmounted your challenges when you eventually meet your goal. Develop a success mindset, that way, you won’t pull out of a venture simply because you encountered challenges.

I hope this helps you deal with whatever challenge you may be facing currently. Remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do!

Have a good week!

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