The Power of focus

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It’s a new week laden with great opportunities to everyone who chooses to look beyond what is easily seen by other people. Be happy, be auspicious, and don’t bring in last week’s bad energies into this week. This does not mean you shouldn’t address what you need to address, this simply means you should not be gloomy, rather, you should let past things be in the past and not ruin the good opportunities this week can bring.

A lot of people are too drawn to the past that they fail to see the opportunities around them. They are too busy fighting their ”enemies” to have time to build for the present or the future. This is me reminding you to focus on important things. There will always be distractions! One of the ways to detect a distraction is to ask yourself whether that thing, subject, or person you are focused on would matter in the near future. If the answer is no, then treat that subject as a distraction that shouldn’t take much of your time. Focus!

“Focus” is one of the greatest determinants of good results. When you are focused on your goal, disallowing distractions, then, you’ll most likely succeed in that venture. There are higher chances for you to discover errors, possible problem areas, and what -not when you are fully dedicated and focused on a particular subject.

Therefore, if we desire to be good finishers, then we have to learn, understand, and practice how to focus and concentrate fully on a particular subject matter.  The distractions will always come, just keep in mind what matters at the end of the day!

Have a great week!

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