Your decision making skills

Your feelings about a situation does
not make that situation real, what makes it real is the fact that such thing happened.
You may go through a situation you consider life changing, when others see same
condition differently. In other words, what we often interpret with our feelings
may not always be right as our emotions do not make the best decisions.

Do not make decisions when you
are emotionally charged. There are chances that you may regret that choice. If
the situation permit, you can postpone your decision making to a more appropriate
time. Think about the likely outcome of a bad decision before you rush to make
a commitment to anything at all. Take out time and review your past actions and
the outcome of many decisions you took when you were not at the best emotional
state. The result may be a pointer to what you should or should not do at
certain periods of your life.

Life is indeed a teacher, whilst
we hope to learn from other people’s experiences, some people are wired quite differently,
they learn from their own mistakes, whilst a large number refuse to learn at
all and may make the same error repeatedly. Whatever you elect to do at anytime,
be sure it is one that you are ready for its outcome. You are a bad decision maker
when your results are always very undesirable, you can’t make the same mistake every
time, it shows you to be a careless person or one not to be taken seriously.
Nobody wants to deal with an unserious fellow. Be deliberate about your
actions, think through your plans and make very informed decisions. It is very necessary
to have all your facts before you make your decisions.

Today offers us another opportunity
to review our decision making skills. Hope you make the needed changes.

Have a fun filled week.

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