Show Up

To show up every single day at
work, school, business and any other endeavor you have taken up requires discipline.
Consistently doing this everyday shows you are committed to realizing a
particular goal that you have set for yourself. Applying this same discipline
in every other area of your life will guarantee you a certain level of results.

Results are proof that any effort
given in to something will yield good output. What have you been doing consistently
in recent times? Sometimes it may seem like a waste of effort especially if the results are taking a long time in coming, keep at it, one
day it will definitely yield an outcome. Please understand that nothing in life
comes easy, you must consistently pursue every result you want. It is natural
for challenges to crop up, so plan for those challenges. If we run every time we
encounter a problem, we may end up never getting anything done. If you want
something, dust up your sleeves and get down to work. Never expect a reward
where you have not done your work. Just show up every day and do what has to be
done. Take small steps, be consistent, it may take a while but eventually the
results will come.

Please never belittle any one’s
genuine effort to solve a problem. Even though it is natural to judge people’s
performance by their results, do not discourage others by undermining their
efforts. Strive to encourage people no matter how insignificant that effort may
be, it may eventually encourage the person to do better and produce the desired
result at a later time. Remember, behind every success stories is a thousand
and one failure stories that never made it to the limelight. So make a
deliberate effort to encourage everybody’s attempt to serve a need.

Have a nice week! 

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