Work hard on your goals

To do well in your chosen endeavor
you have to be very intentional about your goals. Being intentional about your
goals involves making necessary sacrifices that such endeavor requires. That
means you have to get up each day to do what such day requires irrespective of
whether or not it is convenient for you.

Welcome to a brand new day. It is
filled with opportunities, this day and other coming days will only yield what you put into it. If it’s a day of hard work the reward for such work will surely
come someday. That is why you must be gainfully busy, it is only a busy person
that expects a reward and not the slothful except you are an heir or an
heiress. We know the latter are in the minority; generally a large majority of
people have to put in some work to get a reward. What works have your hand
found to do, do it well, do not wait to be reminded to do what you have accepted
to do. Do your job like no other person can do such job, set realizable goals
each day and meet them. It is in meeting your short term everyday goals that
you eventually realize your big long term goals. Achieving success in every endeavor
is fine, but do not disregard the lessons of those failures you encounter along
the way, they eventually shape you and prepares you better for your future. Life
is simply a teacher, every day presents us with opportunities to grow, learn and to improve on our skills.

Take out your time and do some
sober reflection, what are the activities that take up so much of your time.
Are those activities aligned to your goals, if they are polar opposites to your
goals, cut down on them and re-direct your time to activities that are beneficial
to you.

Do have a great week!

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