You are unique

No two kids from the same parents
are ever alike, even twins usually develop into different personalities. We are
created to be different and unique. Imagine a world where everyone is the same
in terms of characters, looks and IQ level etc, that world will definitely be a
boring place. The reason for this is clear, we are to fill in the roles where
others are lacking, while others are to do well in roles that we are lacking. So, at times I wonder why people forget their uniqueness and decide to
imitate another or wish to live another person’s life. It beats my imagination.
The way you are: your size, shape, height, intelligence is unique to you and may
just be what another person somewhere admires. Also, your success rate may come
at a lower rate than that of your friend or sibling, that doesn’t make you less
hardworking or less of a success. Focus on your strengths, work hard, do all it
takes to achieve your dream. When your effort pays off, be glad and don’t shove
it up people’s faces, if it doesn’t work out, re-strategize and continue
This week’s focus is on how to
maintain our mental and emotional well-being. One of the ways of maintaining our
well-being is by believing in ourselves and our uniqueness and not making the
mistake of comparing our lives with that of other people. The problem with
comparison it that you’ll lose focus of your dreams and aspirations, and you
mistakenly start chasing that of others which might result to a great failure.
Examine your thoughts today, have
you mistakenly dropped your dreams and taken up that of another person? This week
resolve to refocus on yourself again. Pick up your dream and work on it. Avoid
the danger of unwarranted comparisons.
Have a fruitful week.

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