Fear is a factor that has kept
people away from reaching for the stars. Fear of failure, of inadequacy, of
what people will say etc. has caused more dreams to be shattered than any other
factor in this life. Fear simply means man’s trepidation, alarm or
anticipation of danger. In other words, the fear doesn’t have to be real, a
reasonable suspicion that things may not go as planned can cause apprehension
in some people. We all have at some point in our lives experienced this feeling
of fear.
How do we counter fear,
especially where the danger is not real, but a mere suspicion that something
may go wrong or is not right?. First of all, consciously work yourself out of
the anxiety by recounting everything that is working fine. Secondly, find out
whether there is something you can do to help the situation, if yes then go
ahead and do something, if no, then put your mind to rest knowing that your
worries or fear can do nothing to change your situation. Thirdly, when you are
afraid that an idea or something you wish to work on may fail, remind yourself
of cases of near failures-Abraham Lincoln and the rest, who failed at almost
everything, but didn’t give up, kept trying until they won. So, would you rather
have a shot at victory or live with the fear of “maybe this may not work out’?.
Hear this, our fears can never
change situations, it only adds to the bag of worries which is bad for ones
health. Instead of fear, resolve to channel that same energy to something
Be still and calm this week, as you channel your strength to something positive. Have a fruitful week!

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