My resolve

In the world of noise, sounds and major distractions, be that lone voice that still speaks with reason. In a world filled with bile and hurtful conducts, be that exception, that wonderful human that is unaffected by the world’s bitterness. The truth is that our world is filled with a lot of happenings, the good, the bad and the ugly. Our reaction to any part we are faced with determines to a great extent, who we eventually become.
In the last days of this quarter, I have been pondering on some thoughts, which I will share in due time. I do believe that we can actually do better and avoid succumbing to what is thrown our way on a daily basis. People face so much hurdles just acquiring the basic things in life, and I know this has resulted to the wave of brain drain in the country I currently reside in. People want to do better, but are faced with a system that does not support their ideals and determination to change the narratives. See, it’s not easy to come from an under privileged background, you get to cross more hurdles to attain to your desired height. You are often faced with the option to give up which is the easier route or the option to push on. But in all circumstances, despite your background do every thing possible to achieve your your goal in life, break through your limitations and reach for the stars.
 As we all go through life challenges, my earnest desire is that we see the light at the end of the tunnel quickly enough, so we can show others that light and help them find their path. May our experiences and resolve to do the extraordinary in our chosen endeavors materialize into something big and interesting.
Do have the best of the week!

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