Happy Easter, hope the break has been worthwhile. It’s funny how we plan to do one thing or the other during a holiday season and we end up doing something totally different from what we had planned. It has happened to me several times and I know that it happens to some people too and probably to you even. Sometimes, an event can come up which totally alters everyone’s plan. Take for instance the Covid 19 pandemic, who would have thought an entire nation can be shut down for weeks, let alone months, yet a pandemic happened and nations that had their 2020 mapped out had to make a U-turn to address a more pressing issue and the humans in it had to flow with the tide.
How do you plan to live your life when the world recovers from this pandemic? I guess everyone has resolved to do one or two things differently. I have resolved to be more thankful of little mercies, like being able to go out every day and come back home, being able to shake people and give those warm embraces, being able to gather at small crowds for parties or hang out with friends. Life has taught me not to take these things for granted. I know the dynamics of businesses have also changed, my advice for everyone is to read, make your research, adapt your skills to what you think will be in demand. If you are in a traditional profession like mine, it might appear impossible for the change to get there, but I can assure you, the change is here, and we might as well adapt, instead of waiting for the status quo to be maintained. Personally, I have resolved to be more daring and more inquisitive. There is a whole world of opportunities out there, I intend to find out which is more suitable to my interests.
It is a new week, despite the happenings, let’s learn to be positive and spread the positivity around. Have a blessed week.

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