Compelled to stay at home?

It’s another new week, trust we
are all dealing well with the stay at home directive. Surely, we will come out
of this stronger. I will like to talk about how I’m dealing with the stay at
home order. The first thing I did after the government declared a stay at home order
following the outbreak of the COVID- 19 pandemic was to get back to completing
my unfinished project. I was due to turn in a paper by end of March, which I
may not have been able to finish up if not for the stay at home order.  After I had done a substantial part of the
work, I started checking the web on how I can deliver services remotely from
home. It was quite enlightening; I intend to put some of the things I discovered
into practice.
Quite apart from the above, a friend
asked me to prepare a business plan for a business he wishes to undertake. I
have delivered the draft and I’m currently waiting for his feedback which will
determine my next step on the work. What I’m trying to say in essence is that,
though the stay at home is not what we all wish at this point in time, it is
still an opportunity to do a whole lot. I understand that there are limits to
what one can do, especially with the closure of most business activities and government
offices, I feel that there are some activities we can engage in which will help
us this season. It doesn’t have to be something big, just something to keep
your mind off the fact that you are now compelled to stay at home. While we
mourn the temporary loss of our freedom of movement, let’s not forget that
there are people that have lost their loved ones this season and they deserve our
empathy, let’s stay at home to ensure that we do not cause more tragedies
through the spread of this disease.
It is a new week, despite the
scary news out there, make the most out of these times.

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