Are all failures warranted?

I have seen people who have practically tried everything you can imagine in life, yet they failed at them and moved on to something new. It is good to learn how to dust yourself up after a “failure” and move on to something new. However, some “failures” are totally unnecessary.
This week, I want to share another view on the subject of “failure”. We have always been taught not to see failures as the end of life rather we should learn lessons from them and try to do better next time. What if we actually had avoided the failure totally, wouldn’t we still learn lessons on how to do things right and avoid failure? Let’s learn to plan, understudy, seek professional opinion where necessary to avoid certain results we term “failure. Some things can actually be avoided, we only have to be a bit more strategic and calculative to avoid unnecessary mistakes. This is not to encourage anyone to avoid taking risks or undertaking tasks, it is rather a call to be more careful when undertaking a task.
One of the ways to ensure your success in any given task, is to watch what others who did it and succeeded actually did, although, you don’t need to copy their style. Read about them if they are not within your reach,  if they are people close to you study their style, watch how they overcame a difficulty in their task, ask to be mentored, this might be a better short cut to learning, than failing before picking up the lessons. Where you have done all you need to do i.e properly prepared for a task, mentored by someone already successful in that type of task e.t.c and the result comes out less than you desired, you can look back at the project again to ascertain what you didn’t do well.
It’s the last week in the month of April, look inwards to determine whether you really did give that work or project your best, if you didn’t go back and give it your best

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