Emotional well-being

It is important to live healthy, and, keeping fit is one of the ways to be healthy. The popular phrase “health is wealth” couldn’t be truer. Just as keeping fit and eating healthy meals are contributory to our physical well-being, being in the right company contributes positively to our emotional well-being. It is very important to guard your circle, because they can have considerable amount of influence over you.
Relationships are amazing when you meet the right people with the right mindset and willingness to push you to achieve your best. Be that friend that pushes others to achieve their best, be that person everyone knows would give an honest opinion about something, and be that friend who is willing to lend others a shoulder to cry on. It is already difficult living in this world with its attendant problems of life disappointments, ill health, broken spirit e.t.c, it would do much service to the populace to have just one positive person that is able to lift up others. While working on your emotional health, especially by choosing who you let into your circle, don’t forget to read up books and join associations that helps you to address any area of your life that seems not to be working the way you want it to. Life sometimes throws us lemons, we are expected to turn them into lemonades, but how do you do this when you don’t have the right mindset or attitude. Self-help books are great but the decision to accept whatever great lessons they have lies with us. So, until we work earnestly to achieve the peace of mind we desire, other forms of external helps might still not be of any effect.
In summary, we need to choose our circle consciously, although our friends have a huge influence on us, the ultimate decision to be happy or follow a particular course in life is determined by us. Thus, strive to cultivate good relationships, purge yourself of the wrong people and determine in your heart that only “you” have the ultimate decision of what goes on in your life.
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