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Certainty is a firm conviction that something is the case. In other words, if someone shows me something as A, I do not need to go for further verification to confirm whether or not that statement is true. Every person requires some form of certainty in a particular set of facts in order to make definite plans. Most times, despite ones certainty about a particular set of facts, a situation may arise to change everything.
I have realized that in certain climes, the word “certainty” is hardly obtainable. Where you find yourself in such climes, try hard to always make counter plans despite your certainty that your first plan is fool proof. You need to be able to call up another plan where things go awry. Hope you have planned your finances, especially your expenditures, to ensure that you do not live above your means? Does encountering a problem unplanned justify dipping hands into your savings? No, if the unplanned problem is not life threatening. I do not subscribe to the view that you must give to everyone that asks for help. In fact for me, proper planning of my finances includes budgeting a certain percentage of my income for charities, family and friends. While we strive to do better with our plans, lets also not forget to include “savings” for emergencies which should go to a separate fund. Where such emergencies do not happen, such monies should be remitted to the pool of savings for your future.
Some people often make the mistake of not saving any part of their income, because they think their income is too meager and therefore do not give them rooms for savings. That is the surest way to living a financially careless life and ending up getting by on handouts from family and friends. Plan your finances, ensure you put enough away for investments. Consult an investment pro to guide you through various investments options and then choose the one that is more appropriate for you.
Every decision to start a habit or stop a bad one starts in a day. I implore you therefore,  to decide today the type of future you want for yourself and go for it. It’s a new week, the second one in May, it is not too late to start again.
Have a nice week!

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