Who am I?

The duty to uphold your belief
and what you stand for rests solely on you. You will be confronted each day
with circumstances that may make you choose a lesser side. That is why you must
guard your mind jealously to avoid letting in the negatives thoughts or the bad
ideas struggling to have a control of your mind. Do not succumb to that urge, guard
your mind jealously.

We live in a society where
privacy has become a utopian concept. I mean your google search information can
be called up at any time. Your preferences as an individual as long as you use
the internet can be ascertained to a large extent by your social media
utterances, your search history, purchases e.t.c. This is now the reality of
our existence. Though the above factors cannot truly account for the real you,
a lot of people when the chips are down would not hesitate to go through these
when trying to understand you. A lot of changes have taken place in our world,
the information we need is merely a click away, we can meet people online and
start some form of relationship with them. In this online world, we tend to
package ourselves and image and present what we want the other side to see. The
other side also does the same, in the end, we have a bunch of people forming
alliances without really getting to know the other person beyond what has been
shown to them. It becomes so easy to loose ourselves in the process of
projecting a more refined image of ourselves or trying to be politically

Our present day realities have
made it so easy to lose our personalities in the cloak of being what the
society requires. What has happened to us? This message is simply a call to us
to take actions to ensure we don’t lose our original selves, thoughts, beliefs
and all in a bid to be more acceptable to the societal standards. Be unapologetically

Have a wonderful week!

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