Conflict resolution

The best time to resolve a
conflict is at the time of that conflict or shortly afterwards. Do not carry it
over to the next day, next week, or next season. Such prolonged procrastination
causes bigger frictions to exist in our relationship with people. We cannot be
friends with everyone that comes across our path, but we must work and relate
with many people during our lifetime. This simply entails that whether we
intend to or not, we may offend people or disagree with their views about something
or the way they do things. The result of this constant human interactions may
or may not lead to a conflict situations.

Having good communication and listening
skill is key to maintaining cordial relationships with people. You should be able
to talk about your grievances. You should be able to attack someone’s opinion
or behavior without necessarily becoming enemies with the person and you should
be able to take criticisms well. Being assertive about your views and the ways you
feel things should be done is good, but also understand that things must not
always go the way you want. Allowing others room to express their opinions and
going ahead to support implementation of another person’s suggestion is another
good way to maintain good relationships with people especially in the work

We may not always be fortunate to
meet very unassuming and agreeable people all the time, so whatever difficult
person you meet anywhere in life, make it a point of duty to relate cordially
with the person. Where conflicts arise deal with it immediately and avoid procrastination.
You will realize that life is a bit simpler this way.

Have a fulfilling week.

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