Do not loose hope, fight on!

Have you ever been so discouraged
over a disappointing event in your life that you just felt like calling it
quits? I think many people have at one point in time in life had such experience.
I understand that terrible feeling, it even becomes more unbearable when you
remember all the efforts you put in into that particular endeavor.
 Anyway, that’s life, no matter how much you
give in your best to a particular activity, always consider the possibility that
it might still fail, not through your lack of efforts or good strategy,
anything could happen to make it flop.

Life is filled with uncertainties,
our responsibilities as humans is to learn how to deal with these blows of life
much better. We do not have control over certain factors in life, so we are
duty bound to develop mechanisms to deal with whatever disappointments that may
arise in our lives.  I believe that is
the perfect way to have a good mental health. There are deep issues of life
that may just spring up unannounced, to deal with such circumstances, go for
counselling or speak with a loved one, do not bottle up whatever that is. I
believe people become depressed when they bottle up so many things. Talking
about your problems or life disappointments with trusted people is therapeutic.
They may not have immediate solutions other than being the listening ear to soothe
you or give you that nudge to push on and not give up. No man is an Island, we
all need people. Strive to be a listening ear to someone, give support, advice
and spread positive messages around.

It is almost another month end,
you may still be in the process of trying to reach your monthly target, stay
positive, give in your best in all you do, you still have the remaining days of the month to beat that target. If you fail to reach that target, do not over-flog the issue, just infuse yourself with positive energy and try again.

Have a nice week!

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