The Simple Life

The good thing about being
yourself is that you do not need extra classes or extra efforts to be yourself.
It is what shows when you are in your most unguarded moments, it is what people
really see when you are not looking. The best person to be is yourself, do not
fall into the temptation of pretending to be someone else. The society has taught
us to always present the better versions of ourselves, to build a good image,
to look the way you want people to address you. While it is of utmost importance
to always present yourself well, we sometimes fall into the temptation of changing ourselves into what we are not. I believe that is a little side of the “fake
it, until you make it” adage.

Exude confidence, people are
attracted to confident people. Note, the word “confident” and not “fake” people. Being
confident implies owning up to who you are and not being shy about yourself,
background and not caring whether people would approve of what you were or have
become. Being fake is simply trying to deny your reality, trying to make people
see a better version of you which you are not. Work on improving yourself, own
your mistakes and be unapologetic about who you are, that’s what confidence is
all about. While trying to improve yourself do not make excuses for your
failures, accept corrections where necessary, instead of being fake, try to
work on becoming that thing you would really like people to believe you are. If
you are broke and you want people to see you as a wealthy person, then work
on being wealthy. If you desire something to the extent of
pretending to be what you are not, why not divert that same energy to truly become
that image you want people to associate you with.

The life lessons we learn everyday
are to make our lives easier and less complicated. This week work on improving yourself,
try to develop that personality or trait you would love people to associate you with.

Have a fulfilling week!



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