Time to get it right

A lot of injustices in the world go
unpunished. Sometimes people are led to believe that there is no point to fight
back at injustice. The result is that the perpetrators continues their acts
unchecked and without dire consequences for their actions. There is a need to
stand firm in what we believe in, not chickening out at the slightest
opposition. At most, there may be consequences for choosing to do right, but
that’s still better than being complacent or turning the other way at

We do not choose where we are born,
neither do we choose our sex, parents, skin colour, race, etc, yet most
discriminations arise as a result of these factors. No matter how strongly we
feel about these things, they will always be there. We are to choose how we
respond to them while maintaining our sanities and living our best lives. You
must find a suitable coping strategy if you have ever been a victim of any form
of injustice. For some, it is to fight the perpetrators of that act, for others
it is to ignore that conduct and move on from that experience. Whichever method
you adopt (I recommend fighting back at the perpetrators), the most important
thing is that you should not allow that experience define you. Take all the
risks that catches your interest, do not hesitate as result of a bad experience.
Go out and live your life to the fullest, giving out as much positive energy as
you can muster, influencing the lives around you.

This week is another opportunity
for you to do something right, do not look other way if you have an opportunity
to fight injustice, stay true to yourself and spread love around.

Have a good week!

1 thought on “Time to get it right”

  1. What if you are on the other side of the law while fighting the perpetrators? 🤷
    I recommend letting go of what ever it is that was done to you. Don't just let it define you,this life is too short to allow negative energy.

    Good writeup all the same.

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