Be Meticulous

The dangerous thing about not
investigating any set of fact given to you is that by the time a mistake is discovered
it may be too late to correct the effect of that error. When tasked to do
something, put on that extra investigative sleeve, ask questions, when you get
answers, verify those answers before relying on them to make further decisions.
If more people makes this their everyday routine, some errors would have
totally been avoided.
Our everyday activities should be
structured along working with correct facts. Do not take anything for granted,
when you do so, you may unknowingly carry on that habit to more serious issues.
Treat everything you do with seriousness, it is only when you do so that you
imbibe habits that reflects in your daily work, job, business or anything you
Forming a habit is not the most
difficult thing to do, it simply starts by making daily decisions and abiding
by them. Listing particular activities to carry out every day and making
conscious effort to do them a particular way. Once you are able to do them
every day, a week, a month, it wouldn’t take long before that becomes your
habit. You have to make an effort to be more meticulous in your affairs, start
by making a personal decision to do so, at the end of your day each day, review
how you carried on your day’s task. Taking this small steps everyday will help you
drop unnecessary habits and take on new ones.
As you go through your activities
this week, be sure to investigate facts before relying on them to make permanent
Have a fruitful week!

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