Dealing with life uncertainties
can be quite tasking. However, dealing with it with some form of support from
your loved ones makes it more bearable. Losing a loved one or going through some
emotionally draining experience is not what many people plan for. Most people
plan for holidays, parties, work related seminars etc, no one consciously sits
down to plan how to handle an emotionally draining experience. This is
quite different from having an insurance against some risk that may affect your finances, people plan for this.
Truth be told, I would not want
to sit down to plan how I will handle any form of emotionally draining
experience if they should occur in the future, infact, I do all I can to focus
on the positive side of life. But deep within me, I know that some of these things are
bound to happen and I just try not to think about them or dwell on them.
The purpose of today’s write-up
is to encourage everyone to live a happy life, do not dwell on the uncertainties
of life. Enjoy the moment and be happy, if life uncertainties happen, do not
regard it as an end to your life, just note that just as we have seasons and
times, that same bad season will eventually cease to usher in better days.
There are no specific rules on how to deal with undesirable circumstances, if
there are any rules, I know that one of such would be that you do not dwell so
much on your disappointments, crisis etc, instead learn to move on and hope for
a better tomorrow.
This is a new week, enjoy it,
make the best out of it and accomplish your dreams.
Have a wonderful week!

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