A pressured response

Sometimes, we take decisions at the spur of the moment without really considering the implications of our actions. In the long run we may eventually find out that if we had calmed down a bit and really thought about what we sought to do, we may have taken a different route. It is not in our best interest to make critical decisions when we are agitated or under immense pressure. When you are required to make such decision, take a deep breath, calm down your nerves and be sure your mind is clear before making any form of decision at all.

Our society requires that we adapt to produce our best when under pressure, to be sincere some people are at their best when under pressure, if you happen to belong to these category of people, then you don’t have a problem. Others on the other hand fail woefully when required to make decisions when they are un-relaxed. If you fall under this group, make a deliberate effort to be at your best when you are required to decide on a particular course of action. Do not allow someone get a particular type of reaction from you, insist on making that decision later if it is not an urgent one, if it is then learn how to relax your nerves and be at your best before going for any decision.
I have decided not to allow circumstances around me compel me to give a pressured response to critical decisions that I am required to make. I will advise my readers to do same.
As you go through the week, ensure that you keep a healthy mind and body, be at your best and do not be compelled to do what you would ordinarily not have done.
Have  a fulfilling week!

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