Be Alert

Being alert is all about paying
attention to your environment; being deliberate to take notice of things around
you and knowing when to take a particular action based on your observance of
those happenings. It pays to be extra-sensitive in life. Sometimes it helps you
prepare ahead of others to make use of opportunities that are not glaring to
the common eye. It also helps you escape danger in certain situations.
There are other gains in being
observant of our environment. For instance, an attentive person knows when to
withdraw from certain people or certain places, he or she also knows when and
how to wade through a conflict situation and come out unscathed. I believe
everyone is poised to enjoy certain benefits if we all learn to be a bit more
deliberate in our actions and more observant of our environment.  A deliberate person knows when to pause when
all the noise around is about being on the go. That slight hesitation before
doing what every other person seems to be doing may just be the difference between
being in a bad financial situation or circumstances and being in a good
We should all make deliberate
effort to always look before we leap, conscious effort should also be made
towards knowing when the situation around us have changed, so we can adapt or
adjust ourselves appropriately. Often times, some actions taken under pressure
may result to bad decisions, so in order to ensure that the best of you is what
you are bringing up in a particular situation, try to pause, take a deep breath
before making a full commitment to choosing a course of action.
It is a new week, there are bound
to be pressures from work, life and family; try to be attentive so you can make
the best decisions despite all the conflicting signals.
Have a fulfilling week!

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