Life is filled with uncertainties;
unplanned events often creep up on us without any notice at all. Some of these
uncertainties may be undesirable and may have the ability to change one’s life
drastically. What do you do when life throws one of its punches, do you choose
to wallow in pity or do you choose to stand up again and be happy.
Being happy does not necessarily
mean that everything around you is working the way you want, it simply means that
despite the negative things happening around you, you have chosen to
concentrate on the positives ones and draw your joy from them. It also means
that you chose to work on rectifying the undesirables and where un-rectifiable
you have chosen to live with them but disallowing it the power to ruin your
happiness. Every happy person usually have a welcoming aura, that is why people
are naturally drawn to them. I also believe their attitude makes people feel comfortable
around them, in business and in life generally, I can tell you that this is a
good advantage over every other person.
I have chosen to look at the
brighter side of life. This does not mean that there are no worries or other
undesirables around me. I have simply decided to be happy and be thankful for
the positive occurrences around me. I know a lot of people may have different
coping mechanisms when hit with a hurtful situation, no matter what those
coping strategies are, remember to be happy at the end of the day.
It is another beautiful week, let’s
make good use of it, surround yourself with positive energies and above all BE

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