Make a list

When an idea worth executable pops
into your mind, write it down, this will help you to remember the idea or what
you planned to do with it. Of course, it is not all ideas that pops into our
mind that we go ahead to execute. What writing down those ideas does is that it
helps you know all possible approaches you could take in a particular situation;
It is at this point, that you can pursue the ideas that are worth it and
discard those that are not worth it.
Apart from writing down your
ideas, also make it a point of duty to have a list of activities that you want
to do each day. At the end of the day review your list, note what you accomplished,
note what you didn’t accomplish and why you didn’t do so. If those are
avoidable reasons, then work on not allowing those reasons prevent you from
accomplishing your daily goals. The good thing about accomplishing small tasks,
small daily goals is that they will ultimately build up to our achieving our
long term goals. So, do not ignore that list.
Having a list does not mean that unplanned
circumstances will not happen, but what a list does is that it helps you to push
yourself to achieving your set goal for the day despite the unplanned events. I
believe in living life to the fullest, I also know that some people believe
that to live life to the fullest, you have to be spontaneous, fun loving, not
overthinking things and just going with the flow. There is nothing wrong with
being spontaneous and fun loving, but where serious tasks are to be
accomplished every day of one’s life, then one has to make a conscious effort
to think things through and make the best possible decision over a particular
matter. I believe that having your thoughts well written down helps you to
accomplish just that.
Another week is upon us, what do
you intend to achieve each day of the week? Think about it, do you think that
making a list will help you reach your goals better? Whatever are your thoughts
on this, know that the overall aim is that you should set daily achievable
goals and go on to achieve them.
Do have a fruitful week!

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