Pressing Forward

How diligent are you in the work
you have chosen to do or the work assigned to you? Our attitude to life somehow
reflects in the little things we do. A psychologist has been trained to
understand the human psychology, but there are behaviours that often reflect in
a person’s life just by observing what they do; you wouldn’t have to be a
psychologist to notice these behavioural pattern. The way you respond to
crisis, joyful moments, urgent situations all reflect your natural
The reason for pursing higher
studies is to discover ourselves; we learn of our natural abilities and deploy
means of harnessing them to the common good, we also learn of our undesirable
qualities while working on how to improve on these undesirable behaviours. The
purpose of schooling is simply to become our better versions. Even though man
tend to work hard towards attaining a particular goal in life, there are
certain unwanted happenings that may thwart his ambitions, some within his control
while some may not be in his control. Man’s ability to ramp us successes after
another is dependent on his attitude to life. Do you give up easily when faced
with failure, do you give up after one, two or three attempts? Your success in
every endeavor in life is determined by your outlook to life.
This first half of 2020 has been
very challenging for most people, businesses suffered the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, some families lost their loved
ones, some people lost their jobs and there are other tales of woes from
various quarters, despite all these we must decide to bounce back. There are still
many more frontiers to be conquered. Businesses will bounce back eventually, some
losses may be unrecoverable but in spite of this we must draw up from our
energy reserve, learn to be auspicious and position ourselves for a better
2020. Do not give up yet, continue to work on achieving your 2020 goals, take
that course, start that business, make that call and generally dare to hope for
a better 2020.
Have a fruitful week!

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