Life is a mystery, there are so many factors not within man’s control. Man may plan and make efforts to do something in a particular way in order to achieve a certain result, the opposite of that result may just happen. People die every day from certain illnesses despite making life choices to live healthy. In fact, there are no guarantees in life. Do all the best you can to achieve the results you desire, if it fails, look at it as part of life lessons.
Indeed, man has no control over certain things in life, but there are still aspects of life within man’s control; our power to make good choices that will positively affect our lives and the lives of other people is within our control. In a nutshell, do what you think is best in any situation you find yourself in. We are often a reflection of our different backgrounds, it shows in our decision making, attitude to work, attitude to life etc. For instance, a child raised in an abusive home tend to react negatively to constructive criticism, but will rather be either on the attack or the defense even when he is not being accused of anything. This child may grow up into an adult that does not understand how to resolve dispute amicably, he may always be on guard even where a misunderstanding simply requires him to clarify simple situations. 
Some people are fragile, beyond the strong exterior they show to the world, is a young child trying to be loved and understood. This feeling of fragility and reacting on the attack or defence may continue throughout the person’s adult life, until he or she seeks help and purges himself of all hidden hurts. This is where our humanity comes into play; understand that many people are fighting demons, try to be more considerate in your reactions to undesirable conducts from your colleagues, friends and loved ones. Perhaps if we are a bit more tolerant of others we may draw out their positive sides and help the hurting ones get help for their past hurts.
Try to examine your conduct with other people this week, if you think there is a need to change one or two things about your relations with certain people, please do so, you never can tell how this will positively reflect on their lives.
Have a wonderful week!

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