Life is a stage, you play your part and leave the stage for others to do theirs. What you do with your “stage” is totally up to you, you can decide to make it a flop or use that opportunity to do make an impact on your audience. If we take life literally the way stage performers take their performances, we may be a bit more conscious of our actions or inactions. When an actor is performing, the foremost thing on his mind is to deliver a message, he can convey that message through his voice, emotions, body language, the overall effect would be to get the audience react in a particular way. He is said to have done a wonderful performance if he is able to evoke the desired emotion from his audience or viewers.
How do we relate this experience to our personal life? Life always certainly expose us to many opportunities, whether or not we see those opportunities is a different question. Opportunities abound everywhere and how we utilize those opportunities that present itself every day in our life will determine how we leave the stage; do we leave the stage satisfied that we have truly made the impact we desired, or do we leave in regrets of failing to use the opportunities life had presented us. While we make plans for the big things, lets also not forget to take care of the small things of life like having times for our loved ones, involving ourselves in charitable activities, mentoring young people and generally doing some good in our community.
There are things money can never buy, most times those are the things people really need the most. Look inwards today, are you currently living the kind of life you desire, are you making the desired impact, are you allowing your personal ambitions to rub you of what truly matters, do you desire to leave this stage fulfilled? If you want a more positive and influential life, then start the process today, you can never tell what void you may fill if you take that step today.
Have a good week.

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