Undesirable Changes

Change is the only constant thing in life. If we had thought this to be a mere statement, the COVID 19 pandemic has shown us the reality of change. What are the things we need to do, to adjust to any undesirable change?. Firstly, prepare your mind to accept the fact that things may not go back to what you were used to. Look for ways to adjust yourself to the new situation, this may include reading up about that change, what other people who have experienced such change did to adapt to the new situation and adopt your own strategy. In addition, there are people that are averse to anything adventurous including doing unplanned activities, doing something different from their daily routine e.t.c, these people are the worst hit when any form of change happens. No matter what group you belong to, learn to adapt to new situations.
Today is the very first day in June 2020, a lot of changes have occurred in our lives; what the world experienced in the past four months due to the COVID 19 pandemic, has taught us all a lot of lessons. Despite the loss of lives, businesses, jobs, relationships, we must move on. The changes brought about by these happenings will remain with us for some time. How do we move on after all these? I do not know. But what I know is that despite the way this period has affected you, life for everyone will never remain the same and we must learn to do things a different way, we must learn to live with these changes. Who knows, good opportunities may come with this, but if we choose to remain in the past, we may not see  or even  appreciate these opportunities.
I want to encourage you to take the necessary steps to adapt to undesirable changes in your life. No matter how you desire a return to how things were, the harsh reality is that change has occurred and you must learn to adapt to the reality on ground.
Have a blessed week!

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