My Creed

Statistics has shown that a large
number of wealthy or rich people still have one problem or the other which they deal with. That peculiar attribute you enjoy, such as your peace of mind,
having genuine human relationships, good health and so on might be luxury
for some other people. No one has it all, the life you envy might just be the
exact opposite of what you will want if you have opportunities to exchange positions
with other people. Live life, be happy, stop unnecessary comparisons, learn to
be thankful for little mercies and learn how to contribute meaningfully to your
There is nothing wrong with
desiring a better life, just learn how to draw the line between working hard
towards achieving the kind of life you want for yourself and engaging in
unnecessary copying of the life of another person. For instance, If I want to ride
a particular type of car, I’ll plan towards saving up for it, I will
also forget it if it’s not within my reach, but what if I can’t afford this car,
but I still decide to borrow or do some crazy stuff just to have
this car probably because a colleague of mine has it. It simply becomes outrageous
to live such a copycat life and engage in unfruitful comparisons. Let us
learn to take deliberate steps to protect our minds and purge it from negative
thoughts, including thoughts that will put us under unnecessary pressure of
It’s another beautiful week, consciously
review your life, sieve out habits which are detrimental to your emotional
well being, purge your self of such habits and enjoy the peace that
comes with doing the right things.
Have a blessed week

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