The 9th letter of the English alphabet.

The ninth letter of the English alphabet
can successfully form a word without any help from other letters of the English
alphabet. It is the only alphabet that can stand alone literally without any
other letters and still able to convey a message. The letter “I” while a perfect
and good stand-alone alphabet may not always be ideal in every case. For instance,
in human relations, constant use of an “I” this or that may make some people
feel threatened, in other instances it may mean that such a person is an
egoistic person that only thinks about self.

Self-preservation is a natural instinct
in man, therefore it behooves every living thing to do all it takes to survive
and excel and not to be a push over or the one that always takes the fall where
things go awry. Self-preservation often bring out the “I’s” in every man. This
is totally understandable. However, we need to properly define situations that
warrant an “I” statement and one that requires us to be compassionate and
realistic. No man is an island. You will need to constantly interact with
people, they will get on your nerves, they may get into your space and all
that. That’s the price to pay for being a human. We just need to understand how
to be tolerant of the other person and not always make a situation out of everything.

Knowing your right and what should
come to you after your efforts at a task is a perfect situation where an “I”
statement is okay. Being part of a team that succeeded at a task and/or a
project is not a good situation for an “I” statement. In the last instance a “we”
statement is more reasonable even if you substantially contributed to the
success of the team far above every other person. While it is good to emphasize
on our strengths and privileges in life, that should not be used to put others

It is a new week, let us prioritize
on excelling in our chosen endeavors and doing better with our relationships
with people.

Have a great week!

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