A healthy mind

Welcome to a new week, the third
week in the month of September 2020. No matter how I loved the past week, I
know it has passed and will never come again. I know that as always with life,
good things come every day and we just have to enjoy them as they come and be
hopeful that the future will hold something better for us.

Being hopeful about life is one
of the best ways to live a fulfilling life. There are so many worries in life,
but not worrying about those “things” keeps you in a better frame of mind to
think of good ideas and strategize on conquering any set task for yourself. Live
free, free from anxiety, unnecessary grudges, backstabbing and other unhealthy
behaviours. Try to be around positive people, they have a way of spreading
their positivity around and making you see the good in every situation. Try to
get out more, make friends, join a community of people with like minds and
interests or volunteer your skills in a non-profit organization. Being involved
in certain activities helps to keep the mind relaxed. When you find yourself
worrying a lot about how certain things have not worked as you planned, try to distract
that thought process by getting involved with activities.

In whatever we do, let’s learn to
choose our mental well-being above every other thing. Depressive and suicidal thoughts
starts from the mind, creative thoughts also start from the mind. So choose what you allow into your mind, when it becomes very difficult or
overwhelming, seek help from family, friends or professionals.

As we go out this week, let’s
remember to create as much fun as possible for us and for other people, be
happy and contented. Guard your thoughts jealously.

Have a great week.

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