Just my thoughts!

A story is never complete until
you hear the other side of that story. Do not be tempted to judge a situation
until you are fully aware of what transpired. We tend to react quickly to tales
of woes, oppression etc. when told by our loved ones. We often forget to ask
the right questions before passing our judgements. You should be empathic, but
should also know when to draw the line between being empathic and taking an unreasonable
approach to an issue.

Our daily existence dictates that
we meet diverse characters and situations, learning how to manage them with your
head intact is a good recipe for a good mental health. Let’s learn to be
objective no matter how that situation calls for subjectivity. Attacking a
situation headlong without finding out what the real issues are often tend to
be catastrophic. It is therefore necessary to be cautious before
making that utterance or taking that action. As you go through life, you will realize
that not every conflict situation requires a hostile response. Some conflicts
die naturally when you refuse to give the attacker the kind of response they
expect. Do not let people control your actions and reactions. Keep your head
high and learn to control your emotions when offended.

Every single day of your life is
a gift, treat it as one, therefore, avoid situations that may reduce the
essence of your day. Think right, it helps to attract the right type of people
to you. Be objective, learn to give people an opportunity to explain their
behaviour before passing a judgement. Try to be more tolerant of other people’s
view, and learn to criticize constructively.

It’s a brand new week, the last
in the month of September, make the best use of it, think twice before taking
that decision and learn to own up to your mistakes when you are wrong.

Have a fruitful week!


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