Against all odds!

Humans have inalienable rights
which ascribes to them just by virtue of being humans. These rights amongst
others include the right to life, right to human dignity, etc. Though these
rights are inalienable, there are circumstances where they can be denied a
person. For instance, where there is a court judgment limiting any of the
rights, the person will be subjected to the effect of that court judgement
which may include depriving such person of his right to life. There are
arguments against capital punishment, but that is not the subject of this
write-up. There are other situations where a person is denied most basic rights
simply because they are born into a system where nothing works.

Have you ever been in a position
or imagined being in a situation where you are unable to fully be what you want
to be because there are external factors militating against what you want to
be. The word survival means doing things against all odds. If you find yourself
in countries or situations where there are so many factors that makes it impossible
for one to achieve one’s dream, then you have to devise a means to either fight
that situation or leave that environment in order to fulfil your dreams. You
have to survive, you have to focus on yourself, you have to shut out the noise
in your environment, you have to take practical steps to still fulfil your
dreams despite all odds. Except in situations where your right to life is deprived,
every other situation no matter how difficult can be endured or tolerated until
you have taken back the power to achieve your dreams. You can fight a bad
system when you have succeeded despite that bad system, you can be a voice for
others still in a bad system or situation where you have known the techniques of
coming out of a bad situation.

If you have had a smooth sailing experience
from your childhood to your adulthood, you are lucky, if you have survived a
bad situation, I will love to learn what you did to survive. If you are still
grappling with a bad system or situation, look around you, you may find someone
who has succeeded in what you want to do, learn what they did differently and how
they managed to succeed against all odds. You may find a life lesson there.

As you go through your life
journey this week, remember to keep your head high and promise yourself to do
all it takes to be among the success stories.

See you at the top!


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