My musings

Mass protests has in the history
of some countries been the main engineer for positive changes. My country
Nigeria is currently experiencing one of its major mass protest. The youths are
demanding for a reform in the Nigerian Police force. This protest is
particularly gathering wide attention because of the way it is being done. For
instance, there is no leader, just the youths of the country in their various
locations demanding a better treatment from their security operatives. I know
deep within me that this particular protest has raised in Nigerians as a whole
the hope that together united we can achieve whatever we demand from our
government. This protest is already being looked upon as the first protest in a
league of many more protests to come. As a Nigerian youth, I can only hope that
this will usher in the change we’ve so much longed for.

How is your day going? Hope it is going well? I hope that your week turns out to be as good as you wish it to be. I don’t know
what you have set your mind to achieve this week or the rest of the year. I am
here to remind you that no matter how difficult that task is, it is still very
much achievable. Put in your best effort, ask for guidance if you need one, try
as much as it lies within you to accomplish that task. Sometimes in a bid to
meet our target we tend to forget the real essence of what we set our minds to
achieve, we sometimes use the hurried approach and end up muddling up things.
Take your time to research on that task, call in the wisdom of experts in that
field and use your best imaginations. As a rule, I do not carry
out important task when I’m at my lowest energy for the day, I use such time
for little task that do not require much from me. Learn to carry out your tasks
at your best time of the day, in that way you tend to achieve more results.
Apply this same rule to any important subject in your life, you will realize
that you will become a better time manager thereby yielding higher
output/result in your daily dealings.

It’s another new week, don’t
forget to put your best foot forward and achieve those set goals.

Have a fruitful week!

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